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  1. September/October 2021 UL
    • Tushar Mountains. Alpine adventure beckons hikers, bikers and UTVers to southwest Utah.
    • Utah at 125: Part IV. Statehood retrospective covers Salt Lake City floods, Sen. Jake Garn’s NASA space flight and the rise of the Osmonds.
    • Artist Ted Remington. A self-taught painter captures red rock wonders.
    • Making Movies in Moab. Firsthand stories of how life changed when Hollywood studios arrived in the 1950s.
    • Redmond Salt Mine. A family digs an ancient underground seabed to mine table salt with unique minerals.
    • Dip Recipes. Creative dippables to share on game-day gatherings.
  2. Utah Life Magazine Subscription

    Utah Life takes readers on a virtual tour of the Beehive State through beautiful photography and expert storytelling in a glossy keepsake print magazine. Six bimonthly issues feature travel, history, nature, recipes, Utah trivia and characters who define our way of life in Utah. Plus, every issue has a photography contest, Utah poetry, humor, events and travel tips. Gift subscriptions include FREE gift announcement.

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  3. July/August 2021 UL
    • Waterfalls. Beautiful mountain and canyon cascades star in a stunning photo essay.
    • Utah at 125: Part III. Tales of Utah history from 1946 to 1971, including the Cold War, Lake Powell and the Osmonds.
    • Eccles Dinosaur Park. Life-size replicas of T. rex and more than 100 others stalk this Ogden museum.
    • Kane Creek Road. Canyons, cliffs and petroglyphs abound on a scenic Moab backcountry drive.
    • Frosty Soft Drink Recipes. Refreshing summertime recipes to cool off Utah summers.
    • Pioneer Day. Celebrate Utah settlers with fun events at This Is The Place Heritage Park.
  4. May/June 2021 UL
    • Trail of the Ancients. Discover Ancestral Puebloan ruins on a scenic road trip from Blanding to Natural Bridges. By Joshua Hardin
    • Utah at 125: Part II. Our restrospective series commemorating statehood continues with memorable scenes from the Great Depression and World War II. By Matt Masich.
    • Shooting Star Saloon. The state’s oldest continually operating tavern serves monster-sized burgers in Huntsville. By Matt Masich.
    • Rafting the Escalante. Journey deep into the sandstone heart of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument on a breathtaking packrafting river expedition. Story and photographs by Noah Wetzel.
  5. March/April 2021 UL
    • Hole N The Rock. Discover a whimsical modern cave dwelling blasted into red sandstone south of Moab. Story by Rachel Fixsen. Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Utah at 125: Part I. Our retrospective series on Utah’s century-and-a-quarter of statehood kicks off with a look at key moments that shaped the state’s first 25 years. Story by Matt Masich.
    • Pop Pop! Fizz Fizz. Pop shops across the state put a sweet and creative spin on the old-fashioned soda fountain. Story by Amy Nicholson. Photographs by Brian Nicholson.
    • Phoenix of Lake Powell. Members of a large family reconnect with each other on a houseboat they built themselves after their first boat burned on Lake Powell. Story and photographs by Chris Amundson.
  6. January/February 2021 UL
    • Winter Wanderlust. Retired physician Howie Garber cures his thirst for adventure by capturing stunning scenes. Story by Tom Hess. Photographs by Howie Garber.
    • Stone Spans. Nine natural arches that visitors can discover outside the boundaries of Utah’s famous national parks. Story by Suzanne Hurt.
    • The Charleston Draper. Gourmet appetizers, meals and desserts prepared by a world-traveling chef now grounded in one of Utah and Draper’s most historic buildings. Story by Lauren Elkins. Photographs by Keith Johnson.
    • Southwest Escapes. Iron and Washington counties heat up with outdoor adventure when winter arrives in our state’s southwestern corner. Story by Tom Hess.
  7. Utah Life Collector's Set - 2019

    Get caught up with the second year of Utah Life - complete in one Collector's Set. The 6-issue set includes the January/February 2019, March/April 2019, May/June 2019, July/August 2019, September/October 2019 and November/December 2019 issues. Makes a great gift for the Utah aficionados in your family.

  8. September/October 2020 UL

    Utah Life September/October 2020 issue featuring Utah Cox Honey, Donner-Reed Party, Fish Lake Fall Colors, Sprial Jetty and more.

  9. May/June 2020 UL

    Despite its name, Snow Canyon State Park is a playground amidst sandstone, with hiking and rock-climbing opportunities – and the potential for glimpses of the desert tortoise and Utah’s state reptile, the Gila monster. Story and photos by Dan Leeth.

    A faded house poking from stagnant green water alongside U.S. 89 marks the existence of a once-bustling railroad town called Thistle, wiped out by a history-making mudslide and flood in 1983. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    The Pony Express of 1860-61 and The Children of Light from the 2002 Winter Olympics are just two of the noteworthy sculptural tributes in Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital. Story by Vanessa Zimmer. Photographs by Brian Nicholson.

  10. March/April 2020 UL

    Once the three high-flying Engen brothers from Norway set their sights on Utah, the sport of skiing would never be the same. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    Kodachrome Basin State Park is so colorful, the landscape so rich, that even National Geographic was impressed. Story and photos by Dan Leeth.

    Red Butte Garden may be an awesome summer concert venue, but, for an altogether different experience, check out its flower parade. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    Irv and Wilma Maddox started out with a log cabin restaurant on skids, towed to a remote spot between Ogden and Brigham City. Seventy years later, Maddox Ranch House is still family-owned, and still rolling along. Story by Vanessa Zimmer. Photographs by Brian Nicholson and Scott Baxter.

  11. January/February 2020 UL

    What happens when winter snows infiltrate Utah’s red-rock country? Fire and ice, my friend, fire and ice. Story by Guy Tal.

    The Springville Museum of Art, a handsome Spanish colonial revival building, preserves and protects the work of Utah’s most famous artists. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    Utah’s ski slopes aren’t the only places to have fun this winter. Check out Midway Ice Castles, the Winter Bobsled Experience, Johnson Canyon Trail, Gallivan Center Ice Rink, Crystal Hot Springs and Bryce Canyon Sleigh Rides. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    John Jarvie, called the sage of Browns Park, was a seemingly gentle soul who lost his life welcoming others into his home and trading post along the Green River. Story by Tom Hess.

  12. November/December 2019 UL

    Utah has some of the United States’ friendliest wild horses – and some with bloodlines leading back to the first horses brought over the seas from Spain. Story and photographs by Scott Baxter.

    Residents of tiny Torrey love their night skies enough to protect them – joining one county park and 13 national and state parks in Utah for the densest concentration of International Dark Sky Places in the world. Story by Vanessa Zimmer.

    Bluff’s Vaughn Hadenfeldt is an outdoor guide with a conscience. Story by Eric Peterson, photographs by Lapita Arviso.

    Two friends – one a fun-loving photographer, the other a fun-loving skier – walk into Alta’s backcountry Photographs by Noah Wetzel, story by Vanessa Zimmer.

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