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  1. Utah Life Magazine Subscription

    Utah Life takes readers on a virtual tour of the Beehive State through beautiful photography and expert storytelling in a glossy keepsake print magazine. Six bimonthly issues feature travel, history, nature, recipes, Utah trivia and characters who define our way of life in Utah. Plus, every issue has a photography contest, Utah poetry, humor, events and travel tips. Gift subscriptions include FREE gift announcement.

    Renew or start a new subscription for yourself or as a gift for family and friends. $30 for 1 year (6 issues) or $52 for 2 years (12 issues).

  2. Utah Life Collector's Set - 2019

    Get caught up with the second year of Utah Life - complete in one Collector's Set. The 6-issue set includes the January/February 2019, March/April 2019, May/June 2019, July/August 2019, September/October 2019 and November/December 2019 issues. Makes a great gift for the Utah aficionados in your family.

  3. Fall 2023 UL
    • A World Apart on the Green River A group of strangers quickly bond as they paddle and explore Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River in autumn. Story and photographs by Mike Shubic
    • Wendover and the Atomic Bomb Under a veil of extreme secrecy, Wendover played a crucial role in developing the technology that helped end WW II. Story by Valerie Phillips. Photographs by Chris and Azelan Amundson
    • Torrey’s High Altitude Orchard In a region where water is scarce, a couple leave their careers behind to plant an orchard and delight visitors. Story by Rachel Fixsen Photographs by Austen Diamond
    • Rock Art Mysteries of Northeast Utah In the second installment of our rock art series, a longtime Utah state archeologist’s first encounter with rock art shaped how he views etchings of headhunters and lizards. By Tom Hess
    • Park City’s Kind-Hearted Madam Rachel Urban provided her “soiled doves” with education, etiquette lessons and regular doctor visits, helped out-ofwork miners and donated to local schools. By Brandi Christoffersen

    ON THE COVER Canoers paddle down the Green River’s Labyrinth Canyon during the autumn low-water season. Story begins on page 16. Photo by Mike Shubic.


  4. July/Aug 2023 UL
    • Canyonlands’ Maze District The most remote part of any of Utah’s five national parks rewards the intrepid few who brave its wild and beautiful backcountry. Story and photographs by Noah David Wetzel
    • Acropolis of Utah Inspired by a Greek ancestor, a Salt Lake couple builds a limestone home with architecture that puts a modern twist on the Parthenon. By Tom Hess
    • Mighty & Magical Moose This photo essay shows why the state’s moose make a big impression on Utahns who encounter the powerful creatures in the wild. By Rachel Fixsen
    • Four Ghost Towns The residents are long gone, but what they left behind at the sites of their failed communities tells a story of how they lived in days gone by. By Tom Hess
    ON THE COVER A moose swims Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Story begins on page 34. Photo by Evan Jenkins
  5. May/June 2023 UL
    • Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Birders revel in this marshy oasis that beckons hundreds of thousands of feathered friends to anavian haven near Brigham City. By Allie Wisniewski
    • Slot CanyonsIntrepid canyoneers and hikers defy claustrophobia to discover some of Utah’s mostelusive scenic grandeur. By Matt Masich
    • Joe Hill More than a century after his Salt Lake murdertrial and execution, the labor activist and songwriter remains a powerful if divisive hero. By Matt Masich
    • Scenic Byway This incredible 124-mile road between Torrey and Panguitch features two national parks, one national monument and three state parks. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin

    ON THE COVER Josh Williams ascends the Main Fork of Angel Cove Canyon in the Robbers Roost area. Photo by Whit Richardson
  6. March/April 2023 UL
    • Fort Buenaventura Mountain man re-enactors get together to fireblack-powder rifles and relive the past at the Ogden site of Utah’s first white settlement. By Allie Wisniewski
    • Red Cliffs Desert Reserve A special piece of nature is set aside to hike and explore near St. George, where the Great Basin, Colorado Plateau and Mojave Desert meet. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin
    • Photographer Daniel Lindhardt A West Valley City nature photographer travels all over the state with his camera to capture incredible portraits of Utah wildlife. Photographs by Daniel Lindhardt Story by Matt Masich
    • Meet Mr. Moab Lin Ottinger, the 95-year-old owner of Moab Rock Shop, looks back on a remarkable life of dinosaurs, movie stars and Volkswagen buses. By Rachel Fixsen

    ON THE COVER A young porcupine dozes in a Russian olive tree on Antelope Island. Story begins on page 40. Photo by Daniel Lindhard
  7. January/February 2023 UL
    • Greatest Snow on Earth. We explore the science behind Utah’s epic snow in this photo essay of beautiful ski photography. Story by Matt Masich.
    • In a vault inside his museum-like Provo bookstore, Moon’s Rare Books, Reid Moon tells the tales behind his rare artifacts. Story by Allie Wisniewski.
    • Cowboys and scientists team up to raise cattle and study new ways to live lightly on the land at Canyonlands Research Center between Moab and Monticello. Story by Rachel Fixsen.
    • A descendant of the Shoshone leader Chief Sagwitch takes a road trip back in time to the tribe’s darkest day. Story by Scott Baxter.
    • Pancakes and waffles would be nothing without maple syrup, yet those breakfast staples aren’t the only things that benefit from maple. In our maple recipes, the ingredient makes roasted meat and veggies come alive with a warm and inviting flavor. Recipes by Danelle McCollum.
  8. November/December 2022 UL
    • Twilight Desert Photography. Photographer Grant Collier reveals why some of the best shots come after the sun has set. Story and photographs by Grant Collier.
    • Circumnavigating the Great Salt Lake. A team of intrepid kayakers set out to document the lake as it reaches a historic low water level. Story and photographs by Scott Baxter.
    • Rock Art in Southeast Utah. Dedicated enthusiasts seek out petroglyphs and pictographs left behind by Utah’s first people. Story by Rachel Fixsen.
    • George Museums. Dinosaurs, airplanes, incredible artwork and more await visitors at six must-see museums. Story by Allie Wisniewski and Matt Masich.
    • Pie Recipes. Turkeys and hams might be the center of attention at the holiday dinner table, but for many of us, the main course is merely the prelude for pie. Story and photographs by Danelle McCollum.
  9. September/October 2022 UL
    • The mountains around Logan blaze with fall color as bigtooth maples turn bright pink. The timing of the color transition varies and depends on weather conditions, but the maples usually begin to turn in late September, with peak color happening around the first week of October. Story by Matt Masich, Photographs by Scott T. Smith.
    • Moab Air Rescue: When backcountry adventures go bad, Classic Air Medical’s helicopter crews swoop in to help. Crews fly patients from the scenes of accidents to medical facilities. They also assist in search and rescues and backcountry accidents. By Rachel Fixsen.
    • Though it’s not an everyday occurrence, people are guaranteed to see sheep take the place of cars on Main Street in Cedar City one day each year during the Livestock & Heritage Festival. Shakespeare and sheep are both celebrated as arts and agriculture fuel Utah’s Festival City. Story by Matt Masich, Photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Inside the grounds of Tracy Aviary, the oldest free-standing aviary in the United States, visitors ooh and ahh at a colorful cast of feathered characters. Andy the Andean Condor and his friends find a home here in Salt Lake’s Liberty Park. By Allie Wisniewski.
    • Modern American fare owes a debt to Italian cuisine, with pizza and pasta becoming ubiquitous fixtures on the dinner table. Our recipes take some of those familiar flavors to create novel dishes sure to please the pickiest palates.
  10. July/August 2022 UL
    • From the slopes of Mount Timpanogos near Provo to Tony Grove near Logan, the Wasatch Ranges come alive in a natural, multicolored bouquet. The summer slopes of northern Utah’s high country burst to life with colorful blooms in our Wasatch Wildflower photo essay. By Matt Masich.
    • The arrival of Latter-day Saint pioneers 175 years ago began a new chapter in Utah history. Brigham Young declared “This is the place” at the spot now marked by a 60-foot granite monument at This Is the Place Heritage Park – or, at the very least, he said something very similar very nearby. By Matt Masich.
    • Agriculture is big in Logan, home of the Aggies of Utah State University. We present a tour of our favorite Cache Valley food businesses that make gourmet products in a host of specialties, from honey to berries, from chocolate to cheese. By Matt Masich.
    • The pair of buttes known as the Bears Ears might be the most prominent features at Bears Ears National Monument, but they are only the beginning of the wonders to be found there. A renowned photographer shares images and anecdotes from his monumental explorations. Story and photographs by Tom Till.
    • There’s nary a tomato in sight in our takes on chips’ best friend. Sweet and spicy salsa recipes prove that fruit and corn can tweak the salsa paradigm into something satisfying.
  11. May/June 2022 UL
    • A road trip on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway through southern Utah explores the Ancestral Puebloan homeland. The second story in our two-part series travels to Monument Valley, Bluff and beyond.
    • For 100 years, Timpanogos Cave National Monument has welcomed visitors to a world of wonder. Delve into the triple caverns of the monument’s cave system for this centennial celebration.
    • Torrey photographer Guy Tal’s special relationship with the Utah landscape yields stunning images and an unparalleled appreciation of nature.
    • Farr’s Ice Cream: An Ogden family’s frozen empire owes its longevity to resilience and great ice cream.
    • Humans mastered grilling meat back in the caveman days. But grilling veggies takes more thought. That’s the beauty of foil packet dinners.
  12. March/April 2022 UL
    • The wonderfully weird Uintah County rock deposits at Fantasy Canyon resemble a surrealist painting or an alien world. Story and photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Kayenta: Centered on an art village, this Ivins community blends seamlessly with the stunning landscape. Story by Matt Masich, photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • As made famous in the film Footloose, the iconic Lehi Roller Mills has been making premium flour since 1906. Story by Lauren Elkins, photographs by Joshua Hardin.
    • Slickrock at Sand Flats. Mountain bikers and four-wheelers alike find thrilling adventures at this Moab-area spot. By Rachel Fixsen.
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