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  • Canyonlands’ Maze District The most remote part of any of Utah’s five national parks rewards the intrepid few who brave its wild and beautiful backcountry. Story and photographs by Noah David Wetzel
  • Acropolis of Utah Inspired by a Greek ancestor, a Salt Lake couple builds a limestone home with architecture that puts a modern twist on the Parthenon. By Tom Hess
  • Mighty & Magical Moose This photo essay shows why the state’s moose make a big impression on Utahns who encounter the powerful creatures in the wild. By Rachel Fixsen
  • Four Ghost Towns The residents are long gone, but what they left behind at the sites of their failed communities tells a story of how they lived in days gone by. By Tom Hess
ON THE COVER A moose swims Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Story begins on page 34. Photo by Evan Jenkins