Your Guide to the 9 Best Hot Springs in Utah to Take a Plunge Amidst Nature

The U.S. state of Utah is a picture-perfect place to sketch your travel plans for vacations. The mountains, deserts, national parks, lakes, and monuments give a definite reason why you need this sabbatical. While everything surrounding the states seems so pretty, how can you miss visiting the mesmerizing hot springs? 

It’s time to unfurl your nomadic spirit and take a deep plunge in these hot springs to escape loads of real life. Indeed, every tourist and high-spirited soul should visit these picturesque destinations for that ultimate relaxation therapy. The spa-worthy dip will allow you to unwind and soak into the mineral-filled water amidst nature. 

The hot springs in Utah imbibe a unique flavor for their ideal locations and accessibility via a few hours’ drive. Sprinkled throughout the diverse topography, it brings a true essence of discovering the beauty of Utah distinctly.  

Beyond soaking experiences, there are also big onsite perks in most of these locations like waterslides, camping, music festivals, etc. 

Now, let’s delve deeper into some of these natural hot springs of Utah that are sure to make your journey more exhilarating. 

Mesmerizing Hots Springs to Dive in Utah

1. Mystic Hot Spring, Monroe

A perfect day trip or weekend getaway is incomplete if you are not visiting Monroe’s Mystic Hot Spring. A location that is just a 2.5 hours drive from Salt Lake City. 

It gets you crazy with the Instagrammable vintage bathtubs, surrounded by mineral-formed rocks. The temperature in each of the bathtubs usually fluctuates from 99-110°F, so if one tub is too hot, you can switch to the next one. 

Alternatively, you can choose to immerse yourself in the spacious hot spring. Besides hot bathing, your experiences get heightened when you select the hypnotherapy sessions or mindful massages to relax your mind and body. What else to look forward to?

Mystic Hot Spring, Monroe

Check for the concerts and music festivals, including notable performances from Rusted Roots, Mother Hips and Motets. This doubles the fun during summer. 

There is also easy access to renting cabins and buses for the night in the camping venue located outside the entrance. Make sure you are reserving this soaking and camping space in advance to avoid getting turned down.

Map to visit Mystic Hot Spring: 475 E 100 North, Monroe, UT 84754

2. Homestead Crater, Midway

Homestead Crater in Utah cannot be missed if you are looking to experience a unique soak in the geothermal hot spring. Thirty minutes from Park City, its landmark position at Midway make the location accessible to visitors.

Interestingly, this hot spring is settled on a natural beehive-shaped limestone dome formed over 10,000 years ago. Despite the seasonal changes, you can expect a balmy temperature of 90-96°F inside the hot spring of this natural crater. It also heals and improves the body’s circulation when you soak calcium and sodium bicarbonate from the water.

Homestead Crater, Midway

However, much to your surprise, this destination isn’t purely devoted to relaxation. There are an array of water-based activities to look forward to. It’s the only place in the US that offers unique warm water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Another bucket-list-worthy activity is to indulge in the stand-up paddleboarding yoga on the water organized in this hot spring. 

So, grab the hands of your adventure buddy for the most amazing Utah vacation activity.

Map to visit Homestead Crater: 700 N Homestead Dr, Midway, UT 84049

3. Fifth Water, Spanish Fork

There is a good reason why the Fifth Water Hot Spring in Utah is on the bucket list of many travelers. The breathtaking trails in the mountains and the gorgeous blue water cascading from the waterfalls produce a splendid panoramic scene for indulging. 

The hot spring is tucked away in a distance of 2.5-mile from the trailhead near Spanish Fork, which can be hiked along a trail covered in snow, providing access to the several pools of varying temperatures. It can be pretty much exciting if you are also planning a dip in the chilly rivers during the summers. Your early morning arrival to this snow-clad mountain cradle will ensure you enjoy nature in seclusion and serenity.

Fifth Water, Spanish Fork 

Trip to this scenic hot spring near Spanish Fork is primarily accessible from March to October. It’s wise to avoid the trails during the winter months as it gets entirely icy on the hike.

Map to visit Fifth Water: Diamond Fork Rd, Spanish Fork, UT 

4. Baker Hot Spring, Delta

The man-made Baker Hot Springs in Utah provides a local spa-bath therapy to the natives of Delta, but they are more than happy to share with outside vacationers. Locally referred to as “Mini Yellowstone,” it accommodates three pools of scalding hot waters from the nearby volcanic area called Fumarole Butte.

It’s an ideal place to get along with a few of your friends if you travel west in Utah’s desert. Soakers will love getting surrounded by the diverse vegetation and wildlife of this place.

Baker Hot Spring, Delta

The hot springs are infamous for their warm waters where the temperature reads at least 107°F. Fortunately, there are also facilities to cool down the water by channeling water from cold springs through the PVC pipes in the tubes. Besides, you won’t be disappointed by the services as the locales constantly clean and scrub the tubs to keep it hygienic for the visitors. 

It’s also a rarely crowded location, so you can expect some modest tent camping and RV opportunities from nearby public lands.

Map to visit Baker Hot Spring: Baker Hot Springs, Delta, Utah

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5. Meadow Hot Spring, Millard County

Bryce Canyon National Park is a famous travel destination that many visitors include in their itineraries. It makes sense to cover a two-hour distance and head northwest towards the Meadow Hot Springs in Millard County, Utah. This privately owned property in the farmer’s field is a hidden gem that hasn’t attracted too much crowd and ballyhoo. 

Being a water enthusiast, you can try your hands at deep bottom scuba diving to enjoy free-spirited adventures. The first pool offers depth and temperatures registering around 100°F.

Meadow Hot Spring, Millard County

Just situated to the south of Fillmore, this place is also known as Fillmore Hot Springs. What makes it more glamourising is the natural rock tub packed in the middle of vast open space with rolling fields that go up to the snow-capped mountains. 

The nearby camping facilities with a campfire are sure to keep your spirits high. However, because this property lands on private land, abide by the instruction boards that read, “wear swimsuits and avoid drinking alcohol.”

Map to visit Meadow Hot Spring: Meadow Hot Spring, Millard County, Utah

6. Crystal Hot Spring, Honeyville

Plunging in the hot springs sounds quite fascinating, right? What about getting a therapeutic session from these nature-created hot spas? Well, your search ends with the Crystal Hot Spring located in Honeyville. Something that makes it different is the converging hot spring and cold spring. 

With the temperature registering around 120-130°F, the hot springs here have the highest mineral content in the U.S. You can soak yourself in nature’s bounty, rich in various minerals like potassium, sodium, iron, chloride and lithium.

Crystal Hot Spring, Honeyville

Visiting the Crystal Hot Springs indeed invites a guided itinerary for a Utah vacation. In the proximity of this spa experience, you can discover around 100 campsites with decent lodges accommodating swimming pool facilities. You can also look for nearby destinations in places like Golden Spike Historic Site, Spiral Jetty, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and Wellsville Mountain. 

Generally, the hot spring pool is packed with swimmers of all ages. If crowds aren’t your thing, then look to explore the place in the morning during the weekdays.

Map to visit Crystal Hot Spring: 8215 UT-38, Honeyville, UT 84314

7. Saratoga Hot Spring (Lehi/ Inlet Park), Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is a hot spot for water lovers as this place is riddled with numerous hot springs. In fact, it’s the most geologically active region of Utah. 

The city actually owes its name to the famous Saratoga Springs, also known as Inlet Park Springs or Lehi. Saratoga Hot Springs, Utah, is the major attraction of the state with its pristine beauty where you can get the lovely sights of the nearby Utah lake.  

This well-accessed location gives you the luxury to plunge in the springs with the water temperature reading around 109°F. It’s very much an all-year-round visit, but for that added charm, you should be coming during winters at sunset. You can reach the spot surrounded by the long grasses and reeds with a cement pathway that ensures that your shoes don’t get muddy.

Saratoga Hot Spring (Lehi/ Inlet Park), Saratoga Springs 

Pretty close to the Salt Lake and Utah counties, the place has a high demand for its popular hot springs resorts. This geothermal spring remains crowded, so it’s ideal for planning your visits during the weekdays or early morning.

Map to visit Saratoga Hot Spring: 6800 N Saratoga Rd, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045

8. Gandy Warm Springs, Millard County

Gandy Warm Springs makes a good destination for immersing in the not-so-hot waters of the natural springs. Thankfully, the temperature isn’t exactly too hot, and the underground spring system remains stable at around 80°F. It lies in the bordering areas of Utah, and a few minute’s drive can take you to the mesmerizing scenic location of the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. 

Visiting this natural hot spring in Utah is quite filling for the tranquil holiday that doesn’t grab the attention of the outside crowd. The two large pools with incredibly clear and mild hot water are sure to make the experience more refreshing.

Gandy Warm Springs, Millard County

There is plenty of fun to swim and soak the crystalline water coming from the cascading waterfall. Also, you get access to the small cave with scanty green vegetation hanging above. 

After the fun and frolic scenes from the day, you can plan ahead for a camp night. The surrounding areas have established campgrounds dispersed throughout the campsites meant for that small staycation of the travelers.

Map to visit Gandy Warm Springs: Gandy Warm Springs, Millard County, Utah

9. Horseshoe Warm Spring, Skull Valley

Utah’s West Desert is more than the vast stretches of dry sage brush valleys and desolate salt flats. Who could have thought that a hidden gem is tucked here? It’s the beautiful Horseshoe Warm Springs nestled in the lap of Skull Valley.

Although it’s a geothermal spring in Utah, you won’t complain about the boiling hot water hurting your skin. The temperature clocks around 70°F, making it a warm spring by definition. 

Unlike the other hot springs, it doesn’t have the typical resemblance of the small pools. Instead, two large natural springs are converging together to form a big U shape spring. This is why it gets the name Horseshoe Warm Spring.

Horseshoe Warm Spring, Skull Valley

Soaking or swimming in the freshwater is just one activity to enjoy. You can also plan for an onsite adventure like fishing and trying your luck at the largemouth bass population. 

What makes the secluded location even better is the availability of various camping opportunities. Only you have to take care of the fuel, water, and other required accessories.

Map to visit Horseshoe Warm Spring: Horseshoe Warm Springs, Skull Valley, Utah 84029

Utah Hot Springs: The Ultimate Destination for Rejuvenation!

All nine Utah hot springs are well-maintained and make it the best destination for rejuvenation and spa therapy. Some of them even have bathhouses and camping accommodation for your luxurious holidays. 

Once you have sorted the destination, do more research in terms of your expectation. Also, don’t forget to pack your towels and extra pair of clothes and swimsuits when visiting these hot springs. Come explore Utah’s Hot Springs in their full bloom, explore today!

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