May/June 2022 UL

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  • A road trip on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway through southern Utah explores the Ancestral Puebloan homeland. The second story in our two-part series travels to Monument Valley, Bluff and beyond.
  • For 100 years, Timpanogos Cave National Monument has welcomed visitors to a world of wonder. Delve into the triple caverns of the monument’s cave system for this centennial celebration.
  • Torrey photographer Guy Tal’s special relationship with the Utah landscape yields stunning images and an unparalleled appreciation of nature.
  • Farr’s Ice Cream: An Ogden family’s frozen empire owes its longevity to resilience and great ice cream.
  • Humans mastered grilling meat back in the caveman days. But grilling veggies takes more thought. That’s the beauty of foil packet dinners.