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Query letters should be well developed and focused, one-page or less in length, with exemplary hooks that engage our readers rather than broad concepts or lists of locations. Please detail the story, the angle(s) you will pursue, the season and possible sources. Give us some anecdotes or sample photography from the story you are proposing.

If you are introducing yourself to us, include your background information, credentials and clips of previously published work with your query so that our staff can gauge your writing or photography style and abilities. Writers may suggest word counts for stories, and photographers may suggest number of photos for story, though final space allocation is subject to approval by the publisher upon acceptance.

We prefer to receive original content that has not been previously published in the same market as our magazine. We recommend reviewing back issues of the magazine to ensure we have not run a piece on the topic you are proposing. We prefer to give freelance assignments to those who also are subscribers and know our magazine beyond perusal of our website. Subscriptions and back issues may be purchased by clicking this link.

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Christopher Amundson (editor) camundson@flagshippublishing.com 

Joshua Hardin (photo editor) jhardin@utahlifemag.com